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Sbarro restaurants

Sbarro is a pizzeria chain.

In 2011, the company was ranked 15th in foreign system wide sales among U.S.-based quick-serve and fast-casual companies. 
Sbarro has over 800 locations in 33 countries.
Sbarro, owns, operates, and franchises an international chain of family-oriented Italian restaurants under the Sbarro and Sbarro The Italian Eatery" names. 
Most of these are buffet and cafeteria-style restaurants located in food courts in shopping malls.
The Sbarro menu offers pizza, pasta, hot and cold Italian entrees, salads, sandwiches, cheesecake, and other desserts at a modest price with fast service. 
Members of the founding family took the company private in 1999.
The Sbarro family hails from the Italian city of Naples. In 1956, Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro left their homeland to immigrate to the United States. There, in the Brooklyn area, in New York, they soon opened an Italian grocery store Salumeria.

“As young children, my two brothers, Joseph and Anthony, and I worked with our parents,” says the continuer of the tradition, son of Mario Sbarro. “Because the quality of food and service was very high, Salumeria soon became the most popular in the area.”
The Sbarro family offered visitors fresh Mozzarela cheese, gourmet imported cheeses, homemade sausages, savory salami and many other traditional Italian delicacies and desserts prepared according to family recipes. Most importantly, in addition to delicious food, Sbarro strove to instill in people a taste for authentic Italian food, high quality products and the art of cooking and consuming Italian dishes. The success of “Salumeria” was not long in coming.
The fame and demand for Sbarro dishes grew, so the family of inborn chefs decided to open two more stores: one in Brooklyn and the other in Manhattan. Each of the stores was run by one of the brothers under the general direction of Gennaro's father. At the same time, Carmela Sbarro laid the foundation for a new line of business she opened the delivery of ready-made food on the occasion of birthdays, graduations and family holidays.
The food delivery business has developed on a large scale, becoming an vital part of Sbarro's business. Italian dishes for the three shops were prepared daily in the central kitchen. In 1967, the Sbarro family opened a self-service restaurant at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 57th Street. A wide selection of gourmet dishes, along with traditional family quality, made the establishment a rapid achievement.
Recognizing the business predictions outside of New York City and directing on fresh food, the family restructured their business so that all meals are prepared in the restaurants themselves. The open kitchen with an attractive range of dishes and space for fast and efficient self-service has become a characteristic of Sbarro, which is still present in the chain of establishments around the world to this day.
Later, restaurants began to appear in shopping centers with high customer demand on Sundays, weekdays, lunchtime and evenings. The first appeared in a shopping complex in Brooklyn. The business continued to expand and three sons Mario, Joseph and Anthony moved to the East, and Sbarro restaurants appeared in all major shopping centers on Long Island.
By 1985, Sbarro, with 60 restaurants and $30 million in income, was so successful that it went public. The following year, following a secondary offering of its securities, the company funded rapid transnational growth with its own funds. In 1994, the company's shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Sbarro has been named one of the Top 200 Small Business Companies by Forbes Magazine on several occasions. By 1999, the chain had grown to 900 restaurants with revenues in excess of $500 million a year, and favorable circumstances allowed the Sbarro family to obtain the company. This has allowed a return to traditional management a family business, whose roots of success lie in a dedication to the highest quality, excellent service and a commitment to excellence, carried through as many as three generations.


Sbarro today

Today, Sbarro is the world's largest chain of Italian fast food restaurants, with entire sales beyond $600 million a year. Sbarro restaurants can be found everywhere: in shopping and business centers, freestanding buildings, universities, hospitals, train stations, train stations and airports around the world. The company operates over 1200 restaurants in 48 US states and 35 foreign countries, including the UK, Canada, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and many more.
Sbarro is headquartered in Melville, New York. There is also a headquarters in Commack, New York, which manages Sbarro restaurants around the world. The company employs over 35 thousand people. Sbarro is one of the largest employers worldwide.



More than 700 Sbarro restaurants are licensed. A well-known logo and uniform business standards are an example of an excellent economic model, stable and beneficial for both businesspersons and the state.
The company considers only experienced representatives of the restaurant business as potential franchisees, who must prove excellent knowledge of the specifics of the restaurant industry, have experience in commercial leasing or in real estate transactions. It is imperative that the candidates themselves be interested in the development of the restaurant chain, strive to continue the family traditions of Sbarro, observing the high quality of food and service.

The franchising of Sbarro restaurants around the world is a key element of the company's future growth strategy.

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