Ruby Tuesdays adresses in Birstall Smithies‚ Leice

How the restaurant RUBY TUESDAYS was created

Legends about the creation of this American restaurant does not exist, but from the name it is clear that the opening took place on Tuesday. Americans knew about the "RUBY TUESDAYS" in 1972. Sandy Beall received 10 thousand dollars from his friend for the opening of his restaurant. The founder together with his four brothers opened the first restaurant with the money they received. It was located near the campus of Knoxville.
In 1982, Sendy sold his network (16 establishments) to Morrison Inc. and rescued 15 million dollars. Since that moment, the cafes began to open around the world, competing with such famous brands as McDonald's, KFC, others.
In just ten years, the owners managed to expand their business and open new "points" every ten months. Here the traditions of the American style are sustained, mainly burgers, French fries and nuggets are in the menu. For breakfast, meals are served according to the "buffet" system.
You can find Ruby Tuesdays adresses in Birstall Smithies‚ state Leice
Ruby Tuesdays adresses in Birstall Smithies‚ Leice
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