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The City and County of Denver, Colorado boasts of being the birthplace of the very first Quiznos restaurant throughout the US where it originally comes from. In actual fact, the restaurant was founded by an extremely skillfull chef Jimmy Lambatos in 1981 who had already gained invaluable experience by that time which was absolutely necessary in running his own business. So the history of Quiznos spans almost four decades. The truth is, however, it was Lambaros’ co-worker Todd Disner who helped him greatly to embark on an exciting new project.
So they went for it and decided to pick the area in the immediate vicinity of the Capitol Hill for a site for the first Quiznos. Actually, it was a cozy little sub shop designed from the very beginning to make you feel like Mmmmm. It was there that well-known quality standards for truly toasted subs providing you with an incredible flavor experience were set. And, no doubt, those standards are still ongoing.
In those times the restaurant menu included not only famous subs, but also a wide choice of soups, salads and fabulous desserts.
Then, in a couple more years,.it was the time of business expansion with Quiznos restaurants in the U.S operating under franchise. Rapid growth has resulted in a hugely vast chain franchising its restaurants in North America, South America and Asia. Quiznos reached its ultimate peak in 2007 having sold over 5000 franchised restaurants.
After such a success there were hard times awaiting for the chain resulting in filing bankruptcy in 2014. However, it had managed to emerge from that bad experience by June, 2018 reporting it becomes the part of High Bluff Capital Partners.
If you want to try a very popular sandwich brand you are to go and try the Quizinos, because it is a worldwide famous brand for sandwiches.

The restaurant was founded in 1981 and after its foundation it always kept growing and having successes.
Quizinos aware people about the growth of the business and how it became popular these much.

They believe that the success and luckiness of their company and their quality is the food which is exceptional. The food here is very special and the reason of it is a simple thing. Here work usual chefs who form recipes, new seasonings which are unusual and unique.
If you go to Quizinos and try the food there you will be pleased very much, because in this restaurant you can feel unique flavor, taste. Besides the restaurant’s menu is very convenient. It has more than 20 types of sandwiches, and they are loved throughout the world.

Here in the Quizinos restaurant the products are fresh and they prepare all of them every day, to make sure that their food will be qualified and delicious, because without that thing which are very important for each restaurant’s reputation, the Quizinos would not have the fame of these days.

But now it is considered to be one of the most famous restaurants in the whole world.
Every single day they slice cheese, vegetables and other ingredients which are required for making the sandwiches by the chef’s recipes.
After making a sandwich they heighten them, in order to mix all the flavors that are in it.
In this restaurant you have a chance to add whatever you want on your sandwich and make it very tasty. That’s why the customers here are very satisfied with the serving system. For the Quizinos restaurant one the most important thing is the taste of the food they serve.

They call their brand outstanding and they say that they grow every day and the growth they make is made in a very smart way. They achieved to this with their hard work and way of thinking. The leadership team of the restaurant has to make steps thinking wisely and after doing that step they should have effects.

And their aim now is to grow in a way that will help them to be famous in all the corners of the world.
The first Quizinos was first opened in Denver, Colorado, by Jimmy Lambatos more than 35 years ago.
There are new tools of making franchises which helps to track the catering orders.

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