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How the restaurant Pita Pit was created

In 1995, two canadian entrepreneurs, Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis, had got an idea to open a fast food restaurant. It would seem that there was nothing special about it. But they were concerned about the increasing popularity of junk nosh. They were also aware of the negative effects of the constant consumption of such food. Therefore, in their restaurant business, they have focused on the preparation meals with better products. They based their concept on the slogan "fresh thinking, healthy eating". Indeed, the quality of food largely depends on the health, mood and well-being. This view of food coincided with the current gaining momentum at the time, supporting a healthy diet. Thus, opened in 1995, a small restaurant in 2 years grew into a small network throughout Canada. And after another 2 years, the same franchise network appeared in the United States.
Now it is a solid network of restaurants around the world, including the countries of America, Europe and Asia. The restaurant remains true to its original concept of commitment to healthy eating. The company has a developed line of menus for vegetarians, vegans, allergies and so on. A gluten-free menu has also been developed specifically for children. Pita Pit has developed its own program to provide food for schoolchildren, taking into account their needs and level of allergies. In the future, by 2020, the company is going to use only cage-free chickens.  And by 2030, use only pork and beef from enriched pastures in the production of dishes.
You can find Pita Pit adresses in Hounslow‚ state Great
Pita Pit adresses in Hounslow‚ Great
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