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How the restaurant Pita Pit was created

In 1995, two canadian entrepreneurs, Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis, had got an idea to open a fast food restaurant. It would seem that there was nothing special about it. But they were concerned about the increasing popularity of junk nosh. They were also aware of the negative effects of the constant consumption of such food. Therefore, in their restaurant business, they have focused on the preparation meals with better products. They based their concept on the slogan "fresh thinking, healthy eating". Indeed, the quality of food largely depends on the health, mood and well-being. This view of food coincided with the current gaining momentum at the time, supporting a healthy diet. Thus, opened in 1995, a small restaurant in 2 years grew into a small network throughout Canada. And after another 2 years, the same franchise network appeared in the United States.
Now it is a solid network of restaurants around the world, including the countries of America, Europe and Asia. The restaurant remains true to its original concept of commitment to healthy eating. The company has a developed line of menus for vegetarians, vegans, allergies and so on. A gluten-free menu has also been developed specifically for children. Pita Pit has developed its own program to provide food for schoolchildren, taking into account their needs and level of allergies. In the future, by 2020, the company is going to use only cage-free chickens.  And by 2030, use only pork and beef from enriched pastures in the production of dishes.
Pita Pit has a worldwide extremely prosperous notion, and it was formed in Canada for customers in all over the world. Not only United States of America and Canada.

They had a very special emphasis which says: To do our part to help make a world where people can delight in healthy and lovely food in some fast casual surroundings.

Pita Pit has already more than 600 positions throughout the world. The company started to build an international team which will share its passion for fresh thinking and healthy eating.

Pita Pit the first time was opened by Nelson Lang, in Kingston, in 1995. The company was considered to be a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants.

''Fresh thinking'' ideas achievement led its franchising across Canada and it started in 1997 and after it followed by the United States in 1999.

Pita Pit concept was brought by Pita Pit Worldwide and it has grown steadily grown when in New Zealand, in 2007 opened the first worldwide location.

The creator of the company Pita Pit, Nelson Lang is still the heart and soul of the business. The leadership of the Nelson Lang has confirmed that the company is not faceless establishment. Nelson loves to say like this, ''It's all about the people''.

Pita Pit always supports the people who have made then success: their franchisees, their customers and their partners. When they achieved something it means that they did it all together.

In Pita Pit they serve only the best. Their served pitas are handmade and healthy. Here you can have only customizable, nutritious, portable, fast and fun product.

When we speak about Pita Pit we should know that they don’t do things in conversational way; they never have and never will.

Pita Pit's success in progress from their brand; it was The Pita

Pitas here are not uninteresting, stiff and so on – they are unique and unforgettable.

Pitas here are custom-designed to shawl about delightful, barred meats, sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed everywhere.

Pita Pit is very successful in its position for the future in quick serve, fast casual category. It has those points.

The first one is variety and customization.

The second one is planet welcoming and moral obtaining.

The third one is customer engagement and interaction.

The fourth: creative and flavorful food.

The fifth: more options for vegetarians and vegans.

The sixth: a fun, friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Pita Pit is trying to organize and build positive and enjoyable environment for their customers to feel kind of good and don't hesitate about their choices not just from healthy food's side, but also in a more general sense.

They have a responsibility to our planet and they behave very seriously with it. They always trying to find ways for improving the planet and making no harm to it. They believe in this statment and they think that their customers believe in too.

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