Papa John's adresses in Arnold‚ Notti

How the restaurant PAPA JOHN'S was created

The history of "PAPA JOHN'S" chains starts in 1984, when John Schnatter, the founder, has cleaned an old closet in his dad's tavern and started baking pizzas for the customers. To achieve that he had to sell a car and use the gained money for buying used cooking equipment. Did he know that his tavern would soon become one of the most popular restaurants with British cuisine? Who knows.
But the fact is, his original pizza recipe became so popular, that a year after the first try he had to get adjoining space. One of the keys to success was, no doubt, the dipping. Carefully designed and collected, it became extremely popular among the customers, especially when it came to eating the crust. 
In 1994, the next year after the company became public, it opened more that 450 restaurants, and in two years after that the total amount has risen to more that 1500 public places.
2016 became the year when "PAPA JOHN'S" was mentioned as the third largest chain in the USA, having th delivery service. A lot of companies indeed had bigger chains, but no delivery. However, "PAPA JOHN'S" founders were the first having added the option of online ordering in the USA. Of course, the others did the same, but the idea itself originally belongs to "PAPA JOHN'S".
It was also announced that a new option will be rolled out -  a possibility to use a small fee and jumt to the top of the ordering list. So, let's live and see. 
You can find Papa John's adresses in Arnold‚ state Notti
Papa John's adresses in Arnold‚ Notti
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