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How the restaurant OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE was created

In late 1980, four friends decided to open their own restaurant. They imagined this restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, with the most delicious food and first-class service. We know these people very well now – C.Sullivan, T.Cooper, R.Basham, T.Gannon. Now they are the guru of the restaurant business.
When did the opening of the first restaurant take place? It happened in March 1988. The very first Outback Steakhouse opened in Tampa, Florida. How to attract visitors? To make their restaurant stand out from the crowd, the partners chose the Australian theme. This was done to match the laid-back but energetic nature of their ideal restaurant. They stuck to their “no rules, just right” image. The Outback Steakhouse staff takes food seriously and never forgets about fun. There are no obstacles to be happy.
The opening of restaurants in Canada began in 1996. The Outback was released on the South Korean market In 1997. Outback opened its first place in Japan in 2000; they currently run nine restaurants in Japan.
Restaurants are located today in 22 countries. Now these restaurants are a little less than a thousand.
The main business card of the company is unsurpassed steaks. Despite the fact that some dishes are cooked on the grill, steaks are cooked in a frying pan using oil. The surfaces of steaks are cooked faster than their center. The menu is always complemented by a delicious selection of chicken, pasta, ribs, seaproducts. The price of a dish will satisfy everyone. A blooming onion is the most recognized signature Outback symbol.
The restaurants of the American chain Outback Steakhouse are located very strangely: if you draw lines from each restaurant on the map, then they form a five-pointed star among themselves. Moreover, this happens in many states of the country: in New York, Indianapolis, Arizona, North Carolina and California.

Many guests recommend ordering delicious coconut shrimp, medium rare steak and coleslaw. Try some good beer or a good martini here. Guests write that this steak house has delicious tea.


Many visitors use the food to go service. According to customer reviews, the staff is courteous. Outback Steakhouse has professional service. Many guests point out that prices are low. According to visitors' reviews, this place has an impressive interior and a cozy atmosphere.


In 1988, Outback Steakhouse® was founded in Tampa, Florida by four friends who were all experienced person of the welcome industry and had the dream of opening their own restaurant. They wanted a place with a casual atmosphere and a strong attention on quality food and service.


They had a “No Rules, Just Right” attitude and took food very serious, but without taking themselves too seriously and operated under the idea that nothing stands in the way of pleasing the customer. Outback Steakhouse® rapidly became known as the place that serves great steak at a reasonable price by people who sincerely cared about the comfort, well-being, and pleasure of their guests.

Today, Outback Steakhouse® is an worldwide casual dining leader with more than 250 license restaurants in 19 countries all over the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and more.


Steak & Ale restaurant chain, which founded the salad bar and other popular ideas in the American restaurant industry. Following this skill, the two moved to a Steak & Ale's competitor, Bennigan's, and then returned to work with Steak & Ale's founder to open outlets of his new chain, Chili's, in Florida. Gannon also worked at Steak & Ale and in other restaurants in New Orleans.


By the late 1980s, all three men were uneasy to launch a new attempt. "Here are three guys who have always worked for other people and always said, 'God, if we had our own, we would do it a little bit different," Gannon later recounted to Restaurants and Institutions magazine.


The chain contains more than 600 Australian-themed restaurants in 47 states and several countries. The dinner-only restaurants serve abstemiously priced entrees such as seasoned steaks, prime rib, chicken, seafood, and pasta. The chain's signature, however, is an introduction, the 'Bloomin' Onion.' The company also runs the Carrabba's Italian Grill chain, which includes about 70 dinner-only restaurants offering moderately priced Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Outback Steakhouse, Inc. is also involved in two emerging restaurant chains: an upscale steakhouse called Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, and another upscale chain called Roy's Restaurants, which features 'east-west' cuisine and was founded by celebrated chef Roy Yamaguchi.


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