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How the restaurant MCDONALD'S was created

Who founded one of the most famous fast food chains? It was the brothers MCDONALD'S back in 1940. The most important thing that surprised and surprises all visitors in these restaurants is, of course, the speed of service. This is understandable – because that is what brothers has worked long and hard. And they have achieved in this success! The impressive speed of cooking is achieved by using a conveyor system of cooking. Befor this, such a system was used only in the production of cars. With the same incredible speed has been a proliferation of chain restaurants around the world. MCDONALD'S dishes have long been an integral part of all national cuisines of the world. And British cuisine is no exception.
MCDONALD'S is very concerned about the freshness of the dishes, so each dish has its own service life. If the product is not sold within the specified time, it is simply discarded. It's true! In addition, the company has very serious requirements for cleanliness inside its restaurants. According to internal rules, the staff touches the products only with disposable gloves. Therefore, when making an order, visitors can not doubt the safety of food.  All that is delicious in the world of fast food can be found in MCDONALD'S: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken nuggets and wings, shrimp, salads, desserts, ice cream and drinks. There's more! Each MCDONALD'S restaurant has a children's menu and a children's room for the entertainment of young visitors. Ronald the clown and toys from children's sets always attract children to these fine restaurants.
McDonald's, Lincoln Rd
Lincoln Rd Glinton, Cambr PE6 7JR
Neighborhood - PETERBOROUGH

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