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Who founded one of the most famous fast food chains? It was the brothers Mcdonald's back in 1940. The most important thing that surprised and surprises all visitors in these restaurants is, of course, the speed of service. This is understandable – because that is what brothers has worked long and hard. And they have achieved in this success! The impressive speed of cooking is achieved by using a conveyor system of cooking. Befor this, such a system was used only in the production of cars. With the same incredible speed has been a proliferation of chain restaurants around the world. MCDONALD'S dishes have long been an integral part of all national cuisines of the world. And British cuisine is no exception.
MCDONALD'S is very concerned about the freshness of the dishes, so each dish has its own service life. If the product is not sold within the specified time, it is simply discarded. It's true! In addition, the company has very serious requirements for cleanliness inside its restaurants. According to internal rules, the staff touches the products only with disposable gloves. Therefore, when making an order, visitors can not doubt the safety of food.  All that is delicious in the world of fast food can be found in MCDONALD'S: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken nuggets and wings, shrimp, salads, desserts, ice cream and drinks. There's more! Each McDonald's restaurant has a children's menu and a children's room for the entertainment of young visitors. Ronald the clown and toys from children's sets always attract children to these fine restaurants.
The history of McDonald's creation began in the California city of San Bernardino, where the Great Depression brought the McDonald brothers - Richard and Maurice (aka Dick and Mac). Having worked in Hollywood as set makers and amassed a capital, the young people opened a small cinema. The idea was not financially successful, and in the mid-1940s the brothers redeveloped - they built a diner for motorists by the road. And, as decor specialists, they installed neon-lit golden arches on the roof for attractiveness, which later became one of the world's most recognizable commercial symbols. The diner as a diner, no better than the others, but the place was lively, and soon the McDonald's brought their turnover to $ 200 thousand per year - a considerable amount at that time. Looking at the cars driving up to the establishment, the brothers realized: you can put the business on stream - according to the principle of the conveyor invented by Ford.

They closed the cafe for three months and began to implement the idea of fast food. We equipped the kitchen with stainless steel equipment, and placed it so that a technological line with a clear sequence of operations was obtained, where each employee performs the most elementary actions. The menu was reduced to a minimum, keeping only 11 of 25 items: hamburger, cheeseburger, three types of soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, pies, french fries and milkshakes. And they introduced self-service. Due to a sharp increase in throughput, the price of hamburgers was reduced from 30 cents to 15 cents.
The institution, which opened in December 1948, was a huge success: two years later, profits doubled. However, the financial potential of their idea, the McDonald's could not properly dispose of. Of course, they understood that it would be nice to start selling the franchise. But their entrepreneurial ambitions were fully satisfied with the income already available. The real McDonald’s in its current form was made by a completely different person.

In 2005, a premium McDonald's restaurant opened in Chicago for its 50th anniversary. Golden arches have turned from a logo into a load-bearing structure.
Victorious procession

McDonald's global expansion began in 1968 with the opening of the first Canadian restaurant. 12 years later, the company crossed the ocean and moved to Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and then to Africa. Now in the world, including the alma mater - the USA, there are more than 31 thousand McDonald’s restaurants, which employ 1.5 million people. The number is constantly growing: 8 more fast food restaurants open every day. On average, the annual turnover of each establishment is $1.5 million, and the company's total net profit exceeds $3 billion.

McDonald's has strongest positions abroad in the Big Six countries, which include Canada (1000 restaurants), Japan (2500), Germany (700), Australia (700), France (600) and the United Kingdom (600). These restaurants provide about 80% of the corporation's overseas revenues.

A single assortment is approved at the headquarters of the corporation. But the menu sometimes has features that correspond to the gastronomic traditions of a particular country. For example, in Muslim countries of the world there are no pork sandwiches, and in India there are no beef sandwiches. Pizza is served in Italy. At the same time, in accordance with the strategy of supporting local agricultural producers, McDonald's overseas branches purchase products in those countries where their regional networks are deployed. The exception is sauces: they are brought from the USA.

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