Marble Slab Creamery adresses in Dundee‚ Angus

How the restaurant Marble Slab Creamery was created

Back in 1983, two chefs from Houston, Sigmund Penn and Tom LePage, lit up with the idea to create an extraordinary ice cream. Their concept of making ice cream has become distinctive. To do this, our cooks needed the freshest milk from nearby farms. As well as nuts, vanilla and dried fruits are only fresh and of the highest quality. In addition, the authors have developed a completely new unique technique of freezing ice cream. All this combined with an handmade waffle horns and creates the unique and highly recognizable brand MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY.
The company expected rapid development in the United States. In 2003, the opening of ice cream shops in Canada began. Soon the company began to open its stores on other continents. Currently, there are more than 500 stores around the world.
Why is so attractive the network of MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY? First of all, it is the ice cream only from very high quality products. Each portion is prepared by hand in the store. In total, the company has developed about 38 unique flavors of ice cream. As fillers are used only selected nuts and dried fruits, as well as chocolate, marmalade, marshmallows, jelly beans and other sweets that you can choose according to your taste. MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY no doubt, can be attributed to sample fine British cuisine. After all, sweets and desserts are very popular in all countries. Just have a great time in one of the cozy restaurants for a portion of handmade ice cream. In addition, you can prepare your own ice cream to your taste. But not only an ice cream, you can enjoy delicious cocktails, sorbets, yogurts and many other sweets. The stores are constantly held various holidays and events for children.
You can find Marble Slab Creamery adresses in Dundee‚ state Angus
Marble Slab Creamery adresses in Dundee‚ Angus
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