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How the restaurant Little Caesars was created


Who doesn’t know the legendary slogan "Pizza! Pizza!"? It seems that now no one will be surprised by such an ordinary and common dish as pizza. But there was a time when this cake with cheese and vegetables was a wonder. And it was in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, the soldiers who were returning home to America through Europe, brought with them memories of a kind of Italian snack.
In this time young Mike Ilich, a budding baseball player, decided to invest in a single store. It was a pizza shop. It opened in 1959 in a small suburb of Detroit. Mike and his wife, Marilyn, were working on opening the store together.  Over time, from this small shop has grown a whole network of pizzerias first across America, and then around the world. Now Little Caesars is one of the largest chain of pizzerias in the world. Little Caesars restaurants can be found everywhere – in stadiums, in student towns and even at military bases. To increase the performance of Mike Ilich even had to develop a special conveyor oven for continuous pizza baking. 
Anyone can visit the nearest restaurant-pizzeria and enjoy the freshest amazing little Caesars pizza. The firm specializes in both classic pizzas such as Pepperoni, Hawaiian, 3 cheese, Margarita and others. However, their menu also includes original pizza recipes. Salads, Italian bread, shrimp, hot dogs and chicken are also available. Since pizza has long been an international dish, it can be found among the dishes of British Cuisine. Look around, maybe there's one of those great Little Caesars restaurants nearby, too?
You can find Little Caesars adresses in Stafford‚ state Staff
Little Caesars adresses in Stafford‚ Staff
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