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How the restaurant KRYSTAL was created

One of the oldest fast food restaurants, KRYSTAL, opened in 1932. Those were hard times. At that time, the great depression was raging. The very first restaurant opened in Tennessee, in Chattanooga. Glenn Sherrill and Davenport Jr сreated this restaurant. It was a bold step. There were very difficult times and the financial situation of the country and the population was very difficult. However, two entrepreneurs have done the impossible: opened a restaurant and survived difficult times. KRYSTAL is still one of the oldest fast food restaurants.
What is the secret of Kristal's success? Most likely, that they remain true to their traditions, no matter about times. KRYSTAL also strives not only to follow the traditions, but also to create their own new traditions. It was KRYSTAL who started serving coffee in thick porcelain cups. It is Krystal who has carefully designed and maintained the menu in such a way that it remains relevant to this day.
The restaurant chain KRYSTAL is interested in the organization and development of social programs. The company invests in educational programs around the world. And generously shares his experience in the field of fast food with young professionals around the world.
What is crystal's menu? Basically, it's hot sandwiches, rolls, hot dogs, chicken wings, French fries. A large number of desserts and drinks are also available. Fast food restaurants also offer original ice cream and sweets. All suppliers and their products are subject to strict quality control. This makes KRYSTAL one of the most reliable restaurants in British cuisine.
You can find Krystal adresses in Birmingham‚ state West
Krystal adresses in Birmingham‚ West
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