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It is hard to imagine a more interesting and incredible success story than the success of Krispy Kreme. This company for more than 70 years pleases its visitors and customers with fresh pastries and unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Vernon Rudolph founded the first donut sale in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At first it was just a small department in a grocery store. Buyers and passers-by were captivated by the aroma of donuts. Soon Vernon started asking if it was possible to buy these doughnuts hot? Then Vernon made a window to the street right in the wall of the store and began selling freshly baked doughnuts, which got its original name Original Ring. The ingredients and recipe for these doughnuts have remained unchanged since the company was founded.
The company had to go a long way from a small coffee shop to a whole network of coffee shops. She built a whole factory for the production of dry mix for the manufacture of donuts. This is done in order to ensure the same high quality of doughnuts in each of the coffee shops. Also, new equipment for the production of doughnuts was developed, and each coffee shop began to correspond to the General style of Krispy Kreme.
Now the Krispy Kreme is an important element of international cuisine. It is a whole chain of restaurants around the world. The entire range of Krispy Kreme is very popular all over the world. British cuisine is no exception in this case. The main part of the menu is original pastries and hot and cold drinks. It offers visitors donuts, muffins, cheesecakes. There are also a large numbers of drinks: coffee, tea, lemonades and milkshakes.
In July 1997, Washington, National Museum of American History. A mysterious device is installed on the stage next to the grand piano, reminiscent of a hybrid of an ancient washing machine with a coffee maker. This Ring King is a 1950 donut maker, a gift to the museum from the Krispy Kreme Donut Corporation. A gala event in the main history museum of the United States is dedicated to Krispy Kreme: in the year of the 60th anniversary of the corporation, its donuts were recognized as one of the symbols of America of the twentieth century.


Krispy Kreme products, and indeed the donut itself, in America is more than a donut. This is not only recognized by the National Museum of American History. More than 10 billion donuts are eaten in the United States every year. The opening of the first two Krispy Kreme donuts in New York was covered in the New York Times. The popular Internet portal Huffington post examines the reasons for the appearance of two spellings of the name of a donut - donut and donut — and compares searches for these words in Google. The Great
Donut Debate, which took place in New York in 1941 and was devoted to the question “Who invented the hole in the donut?”, Entered the history of the United States.
The debate was organized by the National Donut Association, with over 3 million members. In the course of the discussion, Fred E.
Crockett was able to prove that the donut hole was attributed to his ancestor Hanson Gregory, who in 1847 advised his mother to remove the middle of the donut because it was poorly baked. Subsequently, Crockett said that some cunning businessmen approached him, offering to file a patent and make a lot of money. But a descendant of the discoverer decided to leave the hole in the donut a national treasure.
The Big Donut Debate was sponsored by The Donut Corporation of America, then the largest manufacturer of donut equipment and dry mixes in the United States. The Donut Corporation of America was founded by a refugee from Soviet Russia, Adolph Levitt. Apparently, he had the idea to sell to coffee shops and pastry shops not only donut baking machines, but also ready-made raw materials for dough. However, another hero of the donut business brought this idea to its logical conclusion.
The history of Krispy Kreme can be traced back to 1933. According to one legend, that year the Great Depression brought a chef from New Orleans named Joe LeBo to the doorstep of Ishmael Armstrong's grocery store in Paducah, Kentucky. Armstrong didn’t have a job for a cook, so LeBeau sold a recipe for a special French donut dough called “crunchy cream” to a grocer for a few dollars. Probably LeBeau was not very literate and instead of crispy cream he titled the recipe krispy kreme. Handing over the recipe sheet, he added: “Please, sell only fresh.” Armstrong promised and even hired his nephew, 18-year-old Vernon Rudolph, to deliver fresh donuts to customers.
Four years later, in early July 1937, Vernon Rudolph in an old Pontiac drove into the town of Winston-Salem in North Carolina. He had $25 and a Joe LeBo recipe sheet in his pocket, and donut baking equipment in the trunk. For the last $25, Vernon rented a bakery in the city center. Rudolph obtained the ingredients for the first batch of donuts by persuading a local grocer to lend him groceries, and the young entrepreneur adapted the Pontiac for product delivery by replacing the back seat with wooden trays. On July 13, 1937, Vernon brought the first shipment of his donuts to a nearby grocery store.
In the fall of 1937, a song was popular on radio in the United States that you can live on donuts and coffee if you are in love. And that fall, the students at Winston-Salem College began to hear the smell of freshly baked donuts spreading from the doors of Rudolph's bakery. Very soon, students began knocking on the doors of the institution, and Rudolph decided to start retailing on his own. To do this, he simply cut through a window in the outer wall of the bakery. And already in December, a local architect developed a simple logo for Rudolph's donut business, with which the company has been living for almost 80 years.
How to name his business, Rudolph did not think long: the logo simply repeated the words written on a piece of paper by Joe LeBo's hand: Krispy Kreme.

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