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How the restaurant KFC was created


If they know how to cook chicken somewhere, it is, of course, in the restaurants of Colonel Sanders. The future founder of the world-famous KFC fast food chain, Harland Sanders, was born back in 1890 on a farm in Indiana. He was orphaned early, but this sad experience gave him strength and perseverance in life. Having tried many professions, only in 40 years he opened his first own cafe. The business has grown and expanded and to date, the KFC restaurant chain ranks second among the world-famous fast food chains after McDonald's.

The main component of the KFC restaurant menu is chicken. The composition of the mixture of 11 herbs, which manually crumble pieces of chicken, is a trade secret of KFC. Traditionally in KFC chicken is cut into 9 pieces. There are 2 or 3 of these pieces, and in the family package are from 6 to 16 pieces. In addition to chicken products, these restaurants serve a variety of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, twisters, hot dogs and other fast food dishes. In the UK, according to the local British cuisine, grilled chicken is prepared. Sweets lovers will appreciate the range of cheesecakes, muffins and donuts that can be purchased with any of the drinks offered at KFC.
KFC, Bushbury Lane
Bushbury Lane Wolverhampton, West WV10 9TW

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