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If they know how to cook chicken somewhere, it is, of course, in the restaurants of Colonel Sanders. The future founder of the world-famous KFC fast food chain, Harland Sanders, was born back in 1890 on a farm in Indiana. He was orphaned early, but this sad experience gave him strength and perseverance in life. Having tried many professions, only in 40 years he opened his first own cafe. The business has grown and expanded and to date, the KFC restaurants chain ranks second among the world-famous fast food chains after McDonald's.

The main component of the KFC restaurant menu is chicken. The composition of the mixture of 11 herbs, which manually crumble pieces of chicken, is a trade secret of KFC. Traditionally in KFC chicken is cut into 9 pieces. There are 2 or 3 of these pieces, and in the family package are from 6 to 16 pieces. In addition to chicken products, these restaurants serve a variety of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, twisters, hot dogs and other fast food dishes. In the UK, according to the local British cuisine, grilled chicken is prepared. Sweets lovers will appreciate the range of cheesecakes, muffins and donuts that can be purchased with any of the drinks offered at KFC.
Probably everyone knows such a fast food chain as KFC. It is one of the oldest fast food restaurant chains in the United States. She is famous all over the world for her fried chicken. The last time I visited KFC, the cashier disparagingly spoke several times about the McDonald’s standing opposite, noting that “unlike them, we have natural products!”.

Well, there is nothing to argue about. Of course, fried food is also, to put it mildly, not the healthiest, but the KFC employees still have a reason to prick McDonald’s. In general, if you draw some parallels between McDonald’s and KFC, you can see a lot of coincidences. For example, the fact that the founder of the company gained success when he was already well over 50 years old.
Before that, he had led a rather miserable life. And Garlan Sanders was dying already as an honorary colonel of the city of Kentucky (the rank of colonel is somewhat similar to the rank of an honorary citizen). The development of the network also followed a franchise scheme. The company was often attacked by the public. If McDonald's was criticized for junk food, then KFC for killing chickens. I think the history of this company deserves attention.
6 years of education doesn’t mean you’ll be a failure all your life.
On September 9, 1890, Garlan Sanders, the future founder of KFC, was born. I must say that Sanders' childhood was difficult. Firstly, he was far from the only child in a family that did not live very richly. His father worked part-time, carrying out some small errands for farmers in the city of Henryville, where the family actually lived. The mother did not work, as she had to sit with the children, which was the norm for that time. Even if the father couldn't make enough money.
Talent is talent, but there was no time for school. As a result, Garlan finished his studies in the 6th grade. Once and for all.
By the age of 40, Garlan managed to change several dozen professions. He traded in tires, was a stoker, soldier, conductor, helped farmers, worked as a peddler and much, much more. It would seem that the typical fate of a person who has completed only 6 classes. At one time, Sanders tried to get an education by enrolling in law courses. But for unknown reasons, he never finished them.
Soon, Sanders decides to make a small canteen for customers who are waiting for all the operations on their car to be completed. There was no special place for the dining room, and therefore Garlan allocated one room for it in the workshop. This room contained a dining table and 6 chairs. Sanders cooked food right in the home kitchen. Soon, his auto repair shop became famous throughout Kentucky. Your fried chicken. It got the name: "Garlan Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken." All customers commented on the quality of his seasoning, which he made from 11 different spices. Life began to improve.
In order to increase his income, Garlan buys a pressure cooker. This was the time when this type of saucepan only appeared. One of the first people to appreciate the benefits of pressure cookers was Garlan Sanders. If earlier chicken was cooked for about 30 minutes, now this time has been reduced to 15. This means that customers did not have to wait so long for their food, which contributed to an increase in the number of orders.

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