Jack in the Box adresses in Birmingham‚ West

How the restaurant JACK IN THE BOX was created

The success story of this famous network began in 1951. In the city of San Diego, on the road leading to the city, opened a small restaurant. It sold delicious burgers at a ridiculous price at the time - only 18 cents apiece. The main customers of the restaurant were then motorists who drove along this road. And a giant clown on the roof of the restaurant from afar pointed the way to passing drivers. The founder of the company was Robert O. Peterson. And San Diego remains the headquarters of the Jack in the Box network to this day. The company employs more than 16,000 of its employees.
What can please Jack in the Box restaurant? First of all, these are high – quality and very tasty hamburgers and cheeseburgers, as well as salads, chicken nuggets and cocktails from real ice cream. The highlight of the restaurant was the principle to sell hot breakfasts not only until 12.00, as do the usual restaurants, and around the clock. All take-away food is packed in branded packaging. In addition to traditional take-away dishes, there are also national Mexican dishes on sale. Such as nachos, tacos and so on. In addition to traditional hamburgers, the restaurant serves hot dishes such as teriyaki with beef and chicken.
The company carefully monitors the quality of its dishes. And this is achieved, in turn, through careful selection of suppliers of products. Which are subjected to the most thorough checks and tests. Fast food dishes are found in the kitchens of different peoples of the world. British cuisine was no exception in this sense.
You can find Jack in the Box adresses in Birmingham‚ state West
Jack in the Box adresses in Birmingham‚ West
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