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How the restaurant HOOTERS was created

HOOTERS is one of the most famous and largest sports restaurants in the world. It combines a sports bar and a restaurant with waiters. Waiters are the main highlight of this place. They were half-naked sexy girls.
And it all began like this ... in 1983, six friends decided to open a restaurant in which everything would be attractive to men. It is easy to guess what became the "chips" of this restaurant: sports matches, fresh cold beer and half-naked girls.
The restaurant's cuisine is mainly composed of a variety of burgers and soft drinks. But it also serves chicken wings, seafood and a variety of salads. In the restaurant there are constant broadcasts of different sporting events. Each visitor can choose a show to his liking, as the number of TVs exceeds the number of visitors. One guest can see as many as 3 monitors without turning his head. It becomes especially crowded in bars during the world Championships.
HOOTERS is headquartered in Atlanta, South Carolina. The restaurant's menu mainly refers to international cuisine. Dishes from HOOTERS got now and British cuisine. Of course, it's chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood. The menu of this restaurant includes national Mexican dishes such as nachos and quesadilla.
The company has a very unique uniform. If you have never been in that restaurant you can know what they serve in it.

The Hooters Six was a group which founded the Hooter company. They decided to open a place what would be very good place, where the people would come every time and have a good time. So the place was chosen and it was in Clearwater.

Their business had a very slow beginning. When they decided to speak about their decisions their group were arrested for impersonating restaurateurs.

There were many plans and decisions or variants of the restaurants location which was to be suitable for the group, but after months of conversations it decided to be 2800 Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida.

The next thing what was one of the most important parts of the business was choosing a name for restaurant. As we know the most tempting thing for men are beer, chicken wings and of course winning football season. And the name Hooters was supposed they were into owls.

The Hooters history begins with very funny facts. The six businessman without any experience of having or owning restaurants ever, met and together decided to open the place which cannot be kicked out.

After their meeting on 4 October, 1983 the first time Hooters Restaurant was opened in Clearwater, Florida.

“Hooters Six” were: L.D. Stewart, a painting contractor; Gil DiGiannantonio, a liquor salesman; “Uncle Billy” Ranieri, a retired service station owner; Ed Droste, a real estate executive; Dennis Johnson, a brick mason by trade; and Ken Wimmer, a partner in the painting business with L.D. Strange group.

In 1987 a local television program gave the Hooters Six a new, fascinating idea and they decided to organize Hooters Girls a late night TV. The show was very interesting and was really famous and favorite one. Then in 1995 it went off.

 While the Hooters company was growing and had traditions and one of them was seizing opportunities, Bob Brooks who was a president of HOH pointed the driver Alan Kulwicki. They made a decision and in 1991 in Atlana was a race. After it was a very successful cooperation among them.

It is important to mention that the six businessmen met each other on 1 April and in 1993 after 10 years of their meeting was tragedy struck of the group. They died.

In 1995 Robert Brook established new model of racing and it was Hooters Cup Racing Series.

The menu of the Hooters restaurant is very famous for its being expanded. Before 1997 their customers were from all ages.

The restaurant which was founded really very accidently without any background now is very popular among many people. And almost everybody knows about this restaurant throughout the world.

As HOOTERS is a dynamic fast-growing chain, the number of restaurants is steadily growing around the world. Now they are located in 29 countries. And each of them attracts fans and sports fans. In addition, the brand HOOTERS is used for the sale of clothing and Souvenirs.

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