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The road to success is not always paved with roses. Sometimes, in order to gain recognition, you have to fail. So did the Americans William F. Carl and James Maynard. Initially. They tried to formalize a franchise with several companies, but failed. Then they decided to start their own company. The company became known as GOLDEN CORRAL. In 1972, in North Carolina, Fayetteville, was opened the very first restaurant of this world famous network. A few months after the opening of the first restaurant, the second was opened, followed by the third... And now the world famous restaurant chain GOLDEN CORRAL has more than 486 restaurants and has spread throughout the United States.
The main concept of this company is to offer products of excellent quality at an affordable price in a cozy home environment. GOLDEN CORRAL restaurants is a legendary buffet that can consist of more than 150 dishes at the same time. Traditional dishes such as fried chicken or mashed potatoes can be enjoyed here. You can also enjoy a variety of seafood and fish, steaks of beef and pork. The greatest attention is paid to high-quality customer service. Such devotion to traditions can decorate any kitchen, including British Cuisine. After all, loyalty to traditions-this is what makes them both.
Golden Corral the first time was opened in Fayetteville, NC, in1973. During the following decade the company grew rather rapidly. They offered their costumer wholesome food and very hearty and welcoming atmosphere: it was in small cities from Virginia to Texas.
The restaurant’s costumers asked them to open an extra entrees and they added salad bar prompted Golden Corral to “reinvent”itself. The restaurant added more than 400 seats, about 11,000   square building, it was “Buffet & Grill”. It was design in a very interesting way. Costumers could watch the process of making food. They did this for making people be sure that the food cooked there was fresh and with high quality.

Golden Corral Buffet offered 160 cold and hot products including roast pork, ham, turkey, sausages and other dishes.
The Golden Corral also had Brass Bell Bakery and Dessert Café and there were served homemade yeast rolls, muffins, pies, cakes and other sweets and desserts.

In the world Golden Corral is popular as an American first buffet and it is more than 45 years later after its opening.
Besides the home-style buffet which is the favorite in America and not only there and where they serve fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables which are very delicious and fresh, the Golden Corral buffet has an experience of serving its costumers wide variety of tastes and flavors. Freshness is the main aim of the company they pay a great attention to products and their being high qualified. Golden Corral has also offers also self-serving system, here costumers can come and make their fresh salad from a variety of ingredients.

The restaurants dessert and bakery are filled with newly baked breads, sweet pies, cookies, pastries and even very delightful soft ice cream.

On weekends The company Golden Corral invites guests to come and shine for their legendary breakfast buffet, in that time they offer cooked to order eggs and omelets, bacon, sausage, homemade pancakes, fresh-cut fruit, and a variations of juices.
Golden Corral is considered to be the best in class result. New recipes accentuate on-trend bolder flavors, ethnic tastes and exclusive new products that highlight the cleanness and scratch-made quality of Golden Corral offerings.

The company’s costumers do not stop with our food. They believe that the hospitality is a very special thing and it is very important to them. They always think that best in class what they are all about.

The company has a very friendly and welcoming behavior and they always think that it is the most important part of their works.
Within three months of opening its first restaurant, the company opened a second restaurant on September 17, 1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The third opened on June 18, 1974, again in Fayetteville. Since then, the company has expanded to 486 locations across the United States.

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