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One of the most famous pizzerias in America, Godfather's Pizza, was founded in 1973. The birthplace of the company became Omaha, Nebraska. In the seventies of 20 century, this company grew to the fourth pizzeria in the United States. The company has achieved prosperity through the production of pizza with different fillings. Including some original pizzas, such as pizza with bacon-hamburger cheese, were developed. Now it is one of the largest chains-pizzerias, which has more than 500 restaurants in 40 States of the United States of America.
What can you say about the menu and the choice of fillings now? Like most restaurants, GODFATHER's PIZZA, they closely monitor the quality of their products. For more than 40 lei it has remained exceptionally high. The secret of his success GODFATHER PIZZA believes the preparation of its original recipe for pizza dough. In addition to high quality ingredients for its production, the dough is prepared every day in the kitchens of the restaurants and is thus fresh every day. Without a doubt, the British cuisine can be sincerely proud of such acquisition as acquisition as GODFATHER PIZZA. What else do you need to be happy every day? GODFATHER PIZZA!
Godfather’s Pizza the very first time was opened in Omaha, Nebraska, it was 1973. The company’s fast development was definite. There were companies which were very big food corporations which bought Godfather’s company and started to operate it like subsidiary. That companies were: The Pillsburry Company, Green Giant foods and Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

The first firm mentioned above similarly possessed several restaurants and among them were Quick Wok, Key West Grill, Burger King and others. Since 1977 to 1979 Godfather’s was considered to be the fastest achieving food chain in the United States of America, in rapports of sales growth. In 1984 the chain’s progress sustained until its peak. When Godfather’s company had already 911 restaurants, it generating yearly sales of $365 million.

After the development period the company’s business had a failure the sales and profits declined.

As the profits and difficulties were visible and corporation had already weakened Pillsbury announced that they were going to close about 103 fast food chains and full-service restaurants, and the reason were the problems in competing with the fast food industry giant, with McDonald’s.

The company the decided to pay more attention to the most several regional backers, such as Washington area, Seattle, instead of establishing a big national presence.

Godfather’s initiated a one-number pizza delivery in Seattle region, which was considered to be a trial, they hoped that this decision can help them and give the company a competitive edge. The company’s report says that home delivery had grown about 60 percent, up from 40 percent during a few years.

Godfather started a new TV and started to print advertising with the new pizza product’s introduction, the pizza was called “Jumbo Combo”.

Taking into consideration the consumers demand, the company response it and became one of the branded chains which already were in supermarkets. The restaurant-within-supermarket was the food court which dubbed the “Supreme Court” and was implemented in 1991.

As a leader for Godfather's, Cain's "authorization" tactic, which gives executives a discussed state in store presentation, has helped to keep the team and administration income at about half the manufacturing average. He stated in a 1995 interview with Teresa Howard of Nation's Restaurant News, "My next goal is for Godfather's to reach its goal of financial freedom." He further stated, in orientation to the company's heavily leveraged debt, "I want to give up work debt in order to allow us to grow the way we want to."

The companies most important goal is to have good service which will make people have a most enjoyable time spending and being the best in their sphere. It is very important for the Godfather’s Pizza restaurant to have a fresh and unforgettable dishes which will be loved by many people in all over the world and each person entering the restaurant will go from there with the great impressions. And one of the most important parts of their work is to make people return to the restaurant again and again, and they do their best to achieve the aims which are the most important for them.   

It is very important when people have certain information about the places where they often visit. And when that places have fascinating history like Godfather’s Pizza, it’s even more interesting, because when you know something about some places or things it becomes more enjoyable, especially when you are with some people or friends you can communicate and tell many interesting facts and make your conversations more and more saturated.

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