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Five Guys can be cited as the fastest growing chain of fast food restaurants. Having passed the way from a small restaurant in 1986, now it is an extensive franchise network. This is a great example of a successful family business. Five sons of the couple Janie and Jerry Merrell founded their first restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. Brothers divided spheres of business, and each of them is responsible for the direction in family business. Built in this way, the Five Guys network is rapidly developing not only in the US, but also around the world. Restaurants network are now in many countries, including the UK, the countries of Asia and Africa.

Well Five Guys has enriched British cuisine for its unique burgers. Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and drinks are the main menu of restaurants of this chain. The restaurants also serve roasted peanuts and milkshakes with a variety of fillings. Judging by the numerous reviews of visitors, burgers-this is what Five Guys really knows how to do. Carefully, the portions are really very large. To milk shakes are offered about a dozen fillers. Having received a large number of awards for their work, Five Guys are also the most discussed fast food restaurant on the Internet.

If Shake Shack is smart design, the style of the 2000s and tech startups, smart, then Five Guys is the 80s, such simplicity of small American cities. Simple interior and furniture, simple fonts.


The establishment is popular, there are many guests, it is located on the outskirts of downtown Chicago, not on the most thoroughfare street. We were on Saturday afternoon. They come to Five Guys on purpose.


The kitchen, where burgers and fries are prepared, is completely open and small (there is also a “prep” where vegetables are cut). The hall is also small, with an area of ​​about 100-120 square meters.


There are newspaper clippings on the walls with publications about the Five Guys. The network was founded in 1986 by a married couple, Jenny and Jerry Murrell. Jerry and his four sons, Matt, Jim, Chad and Ben, were the very legendary "five guys" after whom the first "burger" was named. The Murrells also have a fifth son, who was born two years after the opening of the first restaurant. Today, all six guys are involved in the family business.


The restaurant had three cash desks, of which only one worked.


The burgers are prepared by hand, that is, this is not a factory like at McDonalds, but a small craft workshop, but at the same time people work here very quickly, the cashier screams, cheers up the team, you feel the drive - the spirit of the “five guys” who cheerfully fried burgers in 1986! People line up for fresh expensive burgers like Chipotle. There are no beautiful photographs in the menu above the checkout - “why compete in the ability to take pictures with giant chains, you need to make delicious burgers”. Deliberately "home" design and layout.


Only burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and potatoes are on the menu. No milkshakes or coffee! Laminated checkout prompt for additional free ingredients.


In fact, Five Guys products are also a designer. In total, you can collect 512 types of burgers in Five Guys. As Five Guys says: “There are 512 different burger combination available at Five Guys, but only one way to have it cooked: well done”.


The assembly of burgers is carried out in front of the guests on a special table behind the glass. On the right in the photo are sauces and fried onions.


Orders are collected from paper receipts just like 10 years ago. All burgers are wrapped in special foil.


Despite the fact that burgers at Five Guys are very, very high in calories, advocates of healthy and natural eating love this chain for being the first burger chain to stop using trans fats, and it is also the only chain that uses only peanut butter for cooking french fries.


Since all the burgers at Five Guys, like the doddesters at Dodo Pizza, are wrapped in foil to distinguish the different types, a sticker with the designation is attached to each burger.


The vegetables look very fresh. As if they just cut it! Everything in the kitchen is very clean and tidy.

There is a notice on the wall that lists the specific farm where the potatoes we eat today were produced.


Every good network should have its own unique feature. Among other things, the Five Guys chip is fried peanuts, which you can self-pick into cardboard plates using an iron scoop. Peanuts are completely free. Eat as much as you like.

Mountains of peanuts in huge branded bags are stacked in front of the cashier, where a line of people wishing to order burgers gathers.


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