Dunkin' Donuts adresses in London‚ Great

How the restaurant DUNKIN' DONUTS was created

Who can offer its visitors high-quality coffee from 100% Arabica, fresh pastries, original drinks and snacks? And plus the unforgettable atmosphere, bright and stylish design? Of course DUNKIN' DONUTS!
DUNKIN ' DONUTS was opened in 1950 by bill Rosenberg in Queens, Massachusetts. Bill thought about an idea to create a restaurant business and engaged in the sale of fast food in factories and plants. After analyzing his sales experience, he saw that the greatest demand was for coffee and donuts. During the first few years from one fast food restaurant has developed a network of restaurants around the world. Restaurants network now exist in more than 36 countries, and the total number of restaurants has long exceeded 12,000.
The menu of DUNKIN' DONUTS restaurants is mainly represented by pastries, snacks, always fresh coffee, as well as other hot and cold drinks. These include soft drinks, teas, milkshakes, smoothies. DUNKIN' DONUTS restaurant chain is brilliant for a quick snack after and between jobs. As an international cookery, DUNKIN ' DONUTS also fits perfectly into British cuisine. DUNKIN ' DONUTS confidently ranks among the ten most famous, recognizable and visited fast food chains in the world.
You can find Dunkin' Donuts adresses in London‚ state Great
Dunkin' Donuts adresses in London‚ Great
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