Domino's Pizza adresses in Bodmin‚ Cornw

How the restaurant DOMINO'S PIZZA was created

DOMINO's PIZZA can be called the number one pizza in the world without exaggeration. The very first pizzeria began its work in 1960, that is more than forty years, in Ipsilanti, Michigan. Having spent on the purchase of the first restaurant only $ 500, Tom Monaghan could now be the owner of more than 12 thousand restaurants for the preparation and delivery of pizza. By the way, it DOMINO's PIZZA offered the slogan "delivery in 30 minutes or give for free." On the way to success, the business owner had many obstacles and barriers, but his pizza still became one of the most famous in the world. Currently, DOMINO's PIZZA restaurants are not only on every continent, but also in almost every country in the world.
DOMINO's PIZZA menu was originally focused only on pizza. The only drink offered in the restaurant was Cola. However, later the menu was seriously expanded. So there were hot snacks, baked chicken wings, French fries, juices, beer and other drinks. This choice of pizza, snacks and drinks, no doubt, will be appreciated by any cuisine of the world, including British cuisine. Fast delivery is still a priority for the development of this network of pizzerias and DOMINO's PIZZA is still one of the most recognizable brands in the world.
You can find Domino's Pizza adresses in Bodmin‚ state Cornw
Domino's Pizza adresses in Bodmin‚ Cornw
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