How the restaurant FCINNABON was created

What will increase your strengths better than a delicious bun with a Cup of strong and fragrant coffee? Nothing if it's a Cinnabon bun and coffee!
Now you can find one of the bakeries in almost every country. It all began in 1985 in Seattle, Washington with a unique recipe for delicious cinnamon rolls. The only cafe was located in a busy shopping center near the airport. Subsequently, from this one mini-bakery has grown a network of mini-cafes around the world. Later mini-bakeries were also organized on pedestrian streets and in crowded places: shopping centres, squares, etc.
What range does the Cinnabon chain of mini bakeries offer? First of all, these are the most famous cinnamon rolls, which are grown for Cinnabon in Indonesia specifically for this network. The recipe of the mixture for the dough of these buns is kept in the strictest confidence. Gradually, the range of mini restaurants has expanded and now in this network you can enjoy branded buns with cinnamon and chocolate, icing and nuts. Born in America, Cinnabon baking has become the decoration of the cuisine of any country, wherever it may appear. British cuisine is not exception. We recommend you to enjoy this wonderful taste with us!
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