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What will increase your strengths better than a delicious bun with a Cup of strong and fragrant coffee? Nothing if it's a Cinnabonbun and coffee!
Now you can find one of the bakeries in almost every country. It all began in 1985 in Seattle, Washington with a unique recipe for delicious cinnamon rolls. The only cafe was located in a busy shopping center near the airport. Subsequently, from this one mini-bakery has grown a network of mini-cafes around the world. Later mini-bakeries were also organized on pedestrian streets and in crowded places: shopping centres, squares, etc.

What range does the Cinnabonchain of mini bakeries offer?

First of all, these are the most famous cinnamon rolls, which are grown for Cinnabon in Indonesia specifically for this network. The recipe of the mixture for the dough of these buns is kept in the strictest confidence. Gradually, the range of mini restaurants has expanded and now in this network you can enjoy branded buns with cinnamon and chocolate, icing and nuts. Born in America, Cinnabon baking has become the decoration of the cuisine of any country, wherever it may appear. British cuisine is not exception. We recommend you to enjoy this wonderful taste with us!
Cinnabon is a world famous brand of the most delicious cinnamon rolls! Their freshness, aroma and appetizing appearance are always delightful for people of different ages and countries. Cinnabon unites more than 1200 cafes and bakeries in more than 60 countries around the world, and its popularity continues to grow. To date, more than 120 Cinnabon cafes and bakeries have been opened in Russia.


It all started in 1985 when father and son Rich and Greg Komen from Seattle, USA decided to create the world's most delicious cinnamon roll. The entrepreneurs hired the best technologists and spent many months of trial and error, and finally, after much research, the best formula of the magic taste "Cinnabon" was created from the most unique and quality ingredients from around the world.


The first Cinnabon bakery opened on December 5, 1985 at the Sea Tac Mall in Seattle, USA.


The first bakery baked only one product - the classic Cinnabon - the same bun that you can still taste in Cinnabon bakeries around the world.


Gradually, the assortment of Cinnabon café-bakeries has expanded, and now it includes many rolls of various sizes and tastes: the legendary Cinnabon, its miniature copy of Minibon, caramel Pekanbon with pecans and two types of caramel, Shocobon filled with chocolate and covered with glaze, "Cinnabon Styx" - puff pastry sticks sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon "Makara", delicate and airy cupcakes or mini-cakes.


Cinnabon also boasts a wide range of hot and cold drinks. Especially for Cinnabon, a special blend of premium coffee is roasted, which consists of four elite varieties. Coffee drinks based on it will give a fresh, soft taste and a rich, rich aroma. Specialty cold drinks - fruit Chillatts and lemonades - are also the hallmark of Cinnabon.


High-quality, unique ingredients are brought to Russia from all over the world: the most fragrant Makara cinnamon from Indonesia. This spice is carefully prepared using a unique controlled temperature grinding process that preserves precious essential oils and enhances the warm, sweet smell and taste of cinnamon. Cane sugar is sourced from the Caribbean, a secret proprietary baking mix from the United States, and cream cheese for icing from Denmark. From these products, the freshest buns are baked right in the bakery, in front of visitors, captivating guests with seductively sweet aromas.


It is pleasant to enjoy your favorite buns in the cozy atmosphere of the cafe, complementing them with aromatic invigorating coffee or specialty cold drinks. Ready-made baked goods are in a hot display case for no more than 40 minutes, after which the buns are cooled in a special cabinet so as not to harm the taste and aroma, and are packed in branded packages that can be bought with a discount of up to 45%, taken home or made a wonderful gift.

Cinnabon cafes-bakeries operate under the franchise system. Thus, anyone with sufficient funds can become the owner of this cafe-bakery, while the cost of opening does not exceed the cost of opening a regular cafe. In addition, in recent years, the Russian market has seen high growth rates of the franchise business and an increased demand for interesting Western brands, which makes Cinnabon not only a unique product, but also a profitable business model.


The ideal premises for the Cinnabon cafe-confectionery should be located on the first floor of the shopping center in an area with a large flow of visitors. Also, options for a street format or any leisure venue with a large pedestrian traffic are being considered.

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