Chipotle adresses in London‚ Great

How the restaurant CHIPOTLE was created

Do you like something hotter? Then CHIPOTLE restaurants are waiting for you! The world-famous Mexican food chain was founded by the American Steve Ells in 1993. The founder was a professional chef who graduated from the culinary Institute of America, and subsequently trained in one of the prestigious American restaurants. The first investor in the business was the father of Steve Ells, who lent his son 85 000 dollars. The investment plan of the son and father was successful, which allowed to open a second restaurant Chipotle in 1995. Thus began the triumphant March of this unique network in the United States. To date, the restaurant chain has spread to the UK, Germany, Canada, France.
The name of the company gave the Mexican seasoning Chipotle. It's smoked red jalapeno chillies. The hallmark of the company are Mexican national cuisine, mainly burritos and tacos. All products from which food is prepared, are carefully monitored internally by the restaurant chain. This approach allows the company to hold a leading position in the field of Mexican cuisine. British cuisine has made a great purchase in the face of this unique chain of restaurants. Also in the restaurants of this chain a large selection of Mexican chips, drinks and salads. There is also a children's menu.
You can find Chipotle adresses in London‚ state Great
Chipotle adresses in London‚ Great
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