Chicken Express in 621 Stretford Rd‚ Manchester

How the restaurant CHICKEN EXPRESS was created


More than twenty years ago, thanks to the multiple efforts of Richard and Nancy Stewart, the first fast-food restaurant Chicken Express appeared. It happened in Benbrook, Texas. From a small restaurant soon grew a whole network of institutions that specialize in the rapid preparation of chicken and fish. The range of chicken products now includes: fried chicken thighs and fried wings, as well as chicken liver and stomachs. Both chicken and fish products are served in batter, the recipe of which is kept secret, as well as the recipe of the sauce, in which meat and fish are marinated. This restaurant chain also has several traditional sauces for chicken and fish. The founders of the restaurant chain also believe that the secret of their success is the fast delivery of chicken and fish to restaurants in chilled, not frozen form for further cooking. All products are carefully monitored by the network. Visitors can enjoy a selection of soft drinks, such as Cola, chilled tea, beer, as well as freshly prepared smoothies from a variety of fruits and berries. British cuisine includes some dishes from the Chicken Express range. In any case, if you want something fried, Chicken Express is a great choice!


Chicken Express, 621 Stretford Rd
621 Stretford Rd Manchester, Great M16 0QA

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