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How the restaurant CHICKEN EXPRESS was created

More than twenty years ago, thanks to the multiple efforts of Richard and Nancy Stewart, the first fast-food restaurant Chicken Express appeared. It happened in Benbrook, Texas.

From a small restaurant soon grew a whole network of institutions that specialize in the rapid preparation of chicken and fish. The range of chicken products now includes: fried chicken thighs and fried wings, as well as chicken liver and stomachs. Both chicken and fish products are served in batter, the recipe of which is kept secret, as well as the recipe of the sauce, in which meat and fish are marinated. This restaurant chain also has several traditional sauces for chicken and fish. The founders of the restaurant chain also believe that the secret of their success is the fast delivery of chicken and fish to restaurants in chilled, not frozen form for further cooking. All products are carefully monitored by the network. Visitors can enjoy a selection of soft drinks, such as Cola, chilled tea, beer, as well as freshly prepared smoothies from a variety of fruits and berries. British cuisine includes some dishes from the Chicken Express range. In any case, if you want something fried, Chicken Express is a great choice!

As we know the meat of the chicken is the same whether it is fresh or frozen, but there is a very obvious thing about their tastes. When the chicken is fresh it tastes better than the one which is frozen, even if you cook it with the most unusual recipes. There are not many people who can distinguish this difference between fresh and frozen meat, but those who can feel d difference, choose to go to Chicken Express because in this restaurant always offers only fresh, not frozen chicken.


Chicken Express was founded in 1988 by the Stuart Group Inc. which was owned by Richard and Nancy Stuart. Before opening the Chicken Express, they had a rather long experience in the sphere of restaurants and franchise operating.

The couple which had founded the net of the restaurant was one of the very first fast food chains owner who tried to develop their business by delivering orders which have done by their customers. They have a very amusing and interesting slogan, here it is “Our chicken cannot fly, that’s why we deliver” and this helped them to move on and get everything they wanted, and be in the place where they want to be even now.


Their decision about delivering of food was very important because after it their business was really increased and successfully spread the word and helped them to get fame in the area where they were.

After this period the company expanded its stores and besides they opened also caterings for occasions of all types and so on.


Now in Chicken Express restaurant they offer fried chicken, tenders and different other dishes. The company is well-known for with tea served in restaurants. The headquarter of the company is in Burleson now, and stores are more than 200 in different states and cities.


Here is a very important part about the restaurant. So besides the menu with delicious fresh chicken they also offer fast, hearty and friendly service and manner.

There are dishes which are very popular in this restaurant that are Fried Chicken Combo, Crispy Combo and other different types of food, salads and so on.

Here you can have Subs Burgers, drinks as well.


Now Chicken Express works very hard too, and tries to become more and more grown, successful and popular. They try to have many cooperations with different companies and create different solutions for the problems they are facing.

So that the company currently renews or creates new contracts with different organizations which are expanded in the southern United States. Recently they renewed the contract with Buxton.

Co-founder of Chicken Express and vice president of Stuart Group Ins. Nancy Stuart always says that the restaurant already have very useful experience and it have become more popular and successful in recent years.


After renewing the contract with Chicken Express the vice president of Buxton announced that they are really very happy that they would continue their work with this company.

Currently, there are more than 200 Chicken stores in the southern states of United States. Aside from this the company’s services of catering often are used by schools, churches and different kinds of places and organizations.  


It is very important when people have certain information about the places where they often visit. And when that places have fascinating history like Chicken Express, it’s even more interesting, because when you know something about some places or things it becomes more enjoyable, especially when you are with some people or friends you can communicate and tell many interesting facts and make your conversations more and more saturated.


Making sure that we have enough information about places we are visiting to, is very important, because when you know something you feel reliant.

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