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The national cuisine of Britain has been formed over many centuries, After the birth of Christ, when the Celtic people lived on the British Isles, the British national cuisine was formed there. Traditionally, the Celts grew oats and wheat. The peasants ate bread made from cheap grain and bran, while white wheat bread went to wealthy people.
The decline of British cuisine began in the 18th century, when old recipes were forgotten. And after the Second World War it began to seem that the reputation of British cuisine could no longer be saved: fish & chips, Christmas puddings and Cornish pies had deteriorated so much.
Despite the spread of English culture throughout the world, Britain's culinary traditions have not received international recognition. British cuisine is called simple, unsophisticated, unimaginative and hearty. The British use simple and high quality local products — meat, fish, cheese, bread, vegetables. They choose simple and quick cooking methods that preserve the natural flavor of the food. Spices and seasonings are rarely used and in small quantities, they are quite simple and do not change, but only emphasize the taste of dishes. Instead of bread, they eat all kinds of puddings.
British restaurants were public kitchens, they were created in 1940 during World War II to help people who were bombed out from their homes, people were ran out of ration vouchers and who needed help.
In 1943, 2,160 British restaurants were serving 600,000 inexpensive meals a day. But in 1947 they disbanded them. There was also a political dimension, as the Labor Party saw them as a permanent solution to line up consumption along the class line and provide diet to the poor.
Best Britain and London restaurantsBy mid-1941, more than two hundred best Britiain restaurants were working in the London County Council area, although research from 1942-1943 showed that they were more popular in London than in the rest of the country. In November 1942, there were 1,899 restaurants here. By 1943, there were about 2,160 British restaurants across the country, they were serving around 600,000 meals a day for about 9 days at a time. 546 establishments made profits and 203 made losses, although they were created as non-profit.
After 1947, some restaurants were converted under the Civic Restaurants Act to public restaurants run by the local council. In 1949, there were still 678 restaurants in the United Kingdom.
Restaurants have gone beyond wartime deficiency and into the new world of the Labor government, which has made many changes to the social fabric of the country. Labor Secretary John Strachey noted that “private catering businesses generally serve the middle class, not the working class.”
Now there are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Great Britain and you can choose whatever you want.
As of 31 August 2021, there are 107,815 restaurants and cafes in the UK
These are the addresses of the restaurants and cafes.
They have an active food sanitation score. This includes all types of restaurant, for example staff canteens.
In the last 12 months, there were 10,083 restaurants and cafes opened all over the country. This means 840 per month or 28 per day.
The influence of COVID-19 on the food industry has been vivid. Britain restaurants are eminent by their hospitality and welcoming attitude.
Here you can taste the unique and delicious dishes, meals etc.
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In recent years, as in many other European countries, reliable British establishments are gradually closing, giving way to immigrant pizzerias, Chinese and Indian, Arab and Vietnamese, Turkish and Mexican, Lebanese and Thai restaurants, Japanese dryers with “conveyor belts”, Greek taverns... Among such an profusion of foreign food, it can be difficult to find truly English establishments, and in some areas of cities it is completely impossible.
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