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BOJANGLES is the embodiment of the American dream. In the late 1970s, the twentieth century, the opening of his restaurant dreamed of two Americans, Richard Thomas and Jack Falk. Both of them have already had experience in restaurant management. Based on their knowledge and vision, they came up with the restaurant of their dreams. The main qualities of the restaurant, designed to ensure its success, the founders believed: the use of only high-quality products in the preparation of dishes, the unique taste of dishes and the creation of a pleasant relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. This dream was realized in 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Indeed, all of the listed qualities of the dream restaurant are present in the BOJANGLES restaurant chain. For cooking only the highest quality products are used, which are carefully monitored internally restaurant. This allows you to create dishes with a refined and distinct taste. In a relaxed atmosphere, visitors can enjoy the legendary fried chicken thighs and wings, as well as the equally legendary iced tea. British cuisine could also benefit from having such dishes in its Arsenal. More than 600 restaurants across the United States with BOJANGLES restaurants will make you feel at home everywhere.
The first time Bojangles’ restaurant was founded in Charlotte, At this moment it has army of fans, even far as Hondures. But it could not make the restaurant lose its North Carolina heart: fried, fast and fiercely loyal.

Brandon’s Bojangles’ obsession started early, with family meals. Uncles from his father’s side of the family would always pick up chicken and biscuits to take home, while relatives from his mother’s side would often eat in the restaurant. But regardless of whether Brandon was taking out or staying in, he ate Bojangles’. Maybe, at some points, too much. He says he’s blessed with a fast metabolism, but even so, he’s decided to cut back — to two or three times a week. He could go to other places that sell fried chicken, but it wouldn’t be the same, he says. “They don’t have that soul to it.”


The company itself has a term for people like Brandon: Bo Fanatics. They eat a lot. They tweet a lot. A freshman at East Carolina University posted that she stayed in-state for college because of lower tuition and Bojangles’.


Now are more than 600 Bojangles’ chains.
Bojangels’ had become a public company since 2015, and it considered to continue its growing. But the CEO says that the company’s growth was rather rapid in the 1980s. Now he says that the company Bojangels’ is spreading very slowly in the Southeast and then outward. Bojangeles’ company considers that it will have approximately 3.500 locations throughout the world, but it can made their ingredients being lost.

Bojangles’ comes standard on the North Carolina campaign trail. American Idol singer-turned-politician Clay Aiken claimed that he gained 30 pounds while running for Congress in 2014 thanks, in part, to the Bojangles’ drive-through. (He’s since lost the weight.) It’s also been used as a way to try to bridge the partisan divide.


In 2013, a young Democrat testifying before a committee of mostly Republican lawmakers tried to warm them up this way: “I love Cheerwine. I love Bojangles’. I love NASCAR. I love barbecue. I love the great state of North Carolina.”


People say a lot about Bojangles’, but Bojangles’ also says a lot about us. The people who eat there are representative of modern North Carolina, spanning every race, income bracket, and age. In many small towns, it’s the only place that feels Southern among the chain restaurants and burger joints that have taken over business strips and interstate off-ramps.


If you choose to see the South with honest eyes, says John T. Edge, the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, you see that Bojangles’ is an example of modern Southern cuisine. “It delivers this food we associate with heart and somebody’s grandmama,” he says, “and delivers it through a drive-thru.” Sure, it may not be the best fried chicken and biscuits you ever ate, but it’s the one you eat most often. And for that reason, it tastes like home.

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