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Who has not tried the famous "submarines" with different fillings inside? If there are those who have not done this – do not miss your chance to eat this food.
The famous BLIMPIE began its history in 1964. It all started in Hoboken, New Jersey.  This restaurant chain was founded by three school friends. The original idea of business, perseverance and hard work made the modest cafe very famous in all corners of the United States. And a few years later brought these restaurants outside the United States. One of the distinguishing features of this fast food chain is the unusual location of restaurants. They are not only in traditional places, typical for mass walks of people, but also in the most unexpected places: petrol stations, office buildings, schools and so on.
The restaurant menu traditionally consists of a variety of sandwiches, wrapped sandwiches and sandwiches in boxes Packed to take away. These sandwiches are available in British cuisine. The company has also developed a special children's menu for its young visitors. The range also includes a number of drinks such as Cola. Traditionally, great attention is paid to the quality control of products. Fresh products, quality service and special attention to visitors – that's what Blimpie restaurant chain can be proud of.
Blimpie was founded by three New Jersey friends. They had known each other since the time when they were learning at the school. In that times they were determined to go into business for themselves. They were very motivated by the commercial spirit and they were inspired by a hearty sandwich known as the submarine. So taking into consideration all this Tony Conza, Peter DeCarlo and Angelo Baldassare decided to have their business and after that they opened the first Blimpie sub shop in Hoboken, New Jersey 57 years ago.

The first step was like this: Tony Conza and his two friends from school borrroed $2,000 and opened the shop.


In 1970 the first time Blimpie presentations its TV campaign. And this subs were always ready for their close-up.


In 1995 Blimpie sub shops went International and the world now know and recognizes with what is the sub known for years, it is delicious, in multiple languages.


In 1995 there was opened Blimpie’s 1,000th location. And that improves one thousand reasons what is Blimpie is the best with.


In 2014 Blimpie sub shops celebrated their 50th birthday. And they are looking forward to another 50 years of excellent client sevice and delicious, fresh-sliced subs.


In 2014 Blimbie introduces its delicious sub: The Hoboken Hero as to thank its loyal customers and offer a new step toward an Italian classic.

In 2019 Blimpie sub shop made a debut in Singapore.


There is a very interesting and fascinating story about this historic American sub shop related to its name. How was the name chosen?

We can answer this questions rather simply. When three friends from New Jersey decided to open the business and they did it, there was a little thing which was important too. It was the decision about the name which would be for the business. They didn’t want a name which would be very simple and traditional. Instead of it they decided to search interesting variants.


So they started to flip through the dictionaries and found the word “blimp” and with that word there was a picture of a flying Blimp.  The three friends realized that the image of the blimp mimicked the shape of the bread which they were going to use for their sandwiches and decided to name their organization with the name “Blimpie”.

 Tony Conza used to say that he loves telling the story about choosing the shops name, because many people don’t realize how long it lasted to choose the name and how many variants they chose. He also says that over the past few years he had seen Blimpie making important and pleasing changes.

The first sub shop of Blimpie, which was in Hoboken did very well itself and the opportunity to become better the concept proved.

Nowadays there are approximately 1,100 locations of Blimpie in all over the world and the company succeeds with the same enthusiasm which was 57 years ago with Angelo, Tony and Pete.


It is very important when people have certain information about the places where they often visit. And when that places have fascinating history like Blimpie, it’s even more interesting, because when you know something about some places or things it becomes more enjoyable, especially when you are with some people or friends you can communicate and tell many interesting facts and make your conversations more and more saturated.


So let us come into the conclusion and understand that every single note, information or fact about our surrounding makes us more reliant.


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