Benihana adresses in London‚ Great

How the restaurant BENIHANA was created

It's no secret that there are things that you can look at almost endlessly – such as water, fire. Without a doubt, the process of cooking Japanese food in BENIHANA restaurants also looks fascinating. It was this restaurant that invited visitors to watch the cooking right in front of them. But even such a brilliant idea did not immediately appeal to visitors. It took almost a year of hard work and enthusiastic review in one of the New York Newspapers, before success still came to the founder - an American of Japanese origin, Hiroaki Aoki in 1965. Following this, the restaurant was visited by a large number of celebrities such as the Beatles and Mohammed Ali. To date, this wonderful restaurant chain has about a hundred restaurants located around the world.
The restaurant's menu includes traditional Japanese dishes, such as rolls, sushi, sashimi, as well as seafood cooked in the presence and in front of the guests of the restaurant. Undoubtedly, Japanese cuisine is very original and very different from British cuisine. However, there is something that unites them. This is a careful attitude to food and consistently high quality of prepared dishes. Visiting restaurants chain BENIHANA, no doubt, you can see this.
You can find Benihana adresses in London‚ state Great
Benihana adresses in London‚ Great
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