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It's no secret that there are things that you can look at almost endlessly – such as water, fire. Without a doubt, the process of cooking Japanese food in BENIHANA restaurants also looks fascinating. It was this restaurant that invited visitors to watch the cooking right in front of them. But even such a brilliant idea did not immediately appeal to visitors. It took almost a year of hard work and enthusiastic review in one of the New York Newspapers, before success still came to the founder - an American of Japanese origin, Hiroaki Aoki in 1965. Following this, the restaurant was visited by a large number of celebrities such as the Beatles and Mohammed Ali. To date, this wonderful restaurant chain has about a hundred restaurants located around the world.
The restaurant's menu includes traditional Japanese dishes, such as rolls, sushi, sashimi, as well as seafood cooked in the presence and in front of the guests of the restaurant. Undoubtedly, Japanese cuisine is very original and very different from British cuisine. However, there is something that unites them. This is a careful attitude to food and consistently high quality of prepared dishes. Visiting restaurants chain BENIHANA, no doubt, you can see this.
Benihana is a Japanese Restaurant, which serves 2 of Japan's most common dishes with a blend sushi and several types of teppanyaki (hot stove cooking). This restaurant is well-known for its large sushi rolls and teppanyaki chefs who have fun while preparing food and offer an unforgettable culinary illustration. Benihana is a restaurant brand with an stimulating and unusual past that started back in the 1960s in New York and has since penetrated several countries around the world with its unique approch to Japanese cuisine, where delicious food is complemented by a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

The entrance to Benihana features a tori gate, Japanese armor and giant taiko drums to really create an oriental feel. The staff will ask you if you want to eat sushi, teppanyaki or both, but the restaurant is more interesting in a place where you sit on a culinary island watching the lightning-fast work of chefs preparing delicious cuts of premium beef from Japan, the USA and Australia.
The steak starts at the 1,000-baht amount range and rises to more high-class cuts, with a 250g wage steak with ribs costing 1,750 baht, and a huge Kagoshima tenderloin for 4,200-baht for 200 g. There are as well a variety of ocean fragilities to choose from, including lobster, Atlantic salmon, and barramundi fish. Don't miss out on the 750 baht Kurobuta Pork Cutlet, which has a marbled texture and deliciously rich flavor. All meat at Benihana is feed grain and hormone free, so guests can be sure that their food is not only tasty, but also healthy.

The menu of teppanyaki has several special combos for choosing from, such as the triyaki twist, which is a mixture of salmon, yellowfin tuna, and butterfly fish fried with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Since diners sit so close to the cooking station, the smells from the food are obvious - for some people this is part of the restaurant's charm, as it is a pleasure for all the senses, but others prefer a little more space between the pots and the plate. This is something to think about when you decide whether to sit on a cooking part or in a more formal dining area. But if we speak  about Benihana it means that the choice of both options and the staff are very welcoming.

Benihana is open and preferable for lunch and dinner, but if you find fried food too undesirable for lunch, move from teppanyaki station and enjoy Benihana's delightful range of sashimi and sushi rolls. There are obvious fusion elements in their sushi recipes that you may have never noticed before. Each plate is served with four larger rolls that have fascinating flavors and that improve and contrast with flavors not traditionally associated with sushi.

Fireball sushi rolls, named in this way because the sesame seeds on the bottom half of the rolls are accurately cooked in flaring sake, and a little flavor is added to the tuna and avocado tartare, laced with hot Thai sirach sauce + crispy fried green onions. The flavor is for those who think sushi should be soft and free from the powerful aromas usually associated with more tropical climates. In Benihana you can have an impressive variety of sake and schochu and their fresh, seasonal fruit cocktails are truly excellent.

On February 5, 2014 the Board of Directors of Benihana Inc. announced that restaurant industry veteran Steve Schlemon has been named the company's new president and CEO, effective immediately.
Benihana restaurant is presented in 22 countries of the world.


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