Ben & Jerry's in Jarman Leisure Park Old Crabtree Lane‚ Hemel Hempstead

How the restaurant BEN & JERRY'S was created


BEN & JERRY'S is another example of a successful business, created in partnership with friends. Two school friends decided to organize a joint business. In 1978, they opened the first restaurant for the production and sale of ice cream at the newly renovated petrol station. Before that, the founders of the business, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, graduated from correspondence courses in ice cream production in Pennsylvania. The knowledge gained came in handy in their business, which soon became very successful. In fact, to create and increase the number of flavors of ice cream, to come up with various fillers and constantly improve your business – it captivates visitors with care and charges a great mood. Moreover, in the restaurants BEN & JERRY's constantly held holidays for children and promotions, which are not only children. Anyone who is not indifferent to ice cream, can find something to your taste in these restaurants. BEN & JERRY's has a huge number of flavors of fillers, the most popular of which are: salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake flavor, coconut and cherry flavors.  British cuisine can also join this riot of flavors of ice cream. Come and enjoy extraordinary desserts from BEN & JERRY's all over the world!



Ben & Jerry's, Jarman Leisure Park Old Crabtree Lane
Jarman Leisure Park Old Crabtree Lane Hemel Hempstead, Hertf

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