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Isn't it wonderful to try every day of the month a new flavor of ice cream? It's just amazing! Such a brilliant idea came to mind the founders of the Baskin Robbins ice cream restaurant chain. The restaurant itself was founded in 1945 by two friends Bert Baskin and IRV Robbins. The birthplace of the Baskin Robbins restaurant chain is in Glendale, California. Since its Foundation, the company has invented and manufactured more than 1000 flavors of ice cream.
It is currently known about more than 8,000 restaurants for the production and sale of ice cream in more than 50 countries around the world. The company is among the ten most famous and largest chains of fast food restaurants. In 2008, the company removed all transgenic fats and artificial additives from its products and since that time has been carefully adhering to the concept of a healthy diet.
In any of the restaurants of this network and you can relax with the kids and enjoy a couple of scoops of ice cream with a refined and unusual taste. Baskin-Robbins was a great addition to British cuisine. Around the world, these restaurants attract children and their parents for children's parties and meetings with friends. Attention to customers and continuous improvement of its desserts ensures the continued success of this chain of restaurants around the world.
Irwin Robbins' parents owned an oil mill in Tacoma, California. They made ice cream from by-products. The Robbins' ice cream sold poorly in the stores they supplied it to, and so the Robbins decided to open their own store.


Irwin began working in the store in the 1930s, fulfilling a filial duty to his parents. But he himself liked the atmosphere of the ice cream parlor, he always ended the working day in a great mood. But once, when he was 17 years old, Irwin wanted to take a day off and go out of town with friends. However, his father did not let him go. "I'll tell you what, sonny," Irwin's father taught sternly. "You work, and they walk. But the day will come when you will walk, and they will have to work."

After graduating from high school, Robbins entered the university at the Faculty of Political Science, after which, in the military in 1942, he went to the army. After the war, Irwin had to decide what to do. In no case did he want to return to his hometown, where his father would have forced him to work in a store. So Irwin travels south to San Jose, California, and decides to open an ice cream shop there. With $ 6,000 in savings, he began looking for a place to shop. He found it only a month later, accidentally in Los Angeles.


Father more than once told Irwin that having only one store, you will not earn a lot of money. So Robbins started renting one store after another. In the meantime, he persuaded his brother-in-law, Barton Baskins, to take up the ice cream trade too. At first, they worked separately, and then they created their own ice cream factory and began supplying it to their stores. By 1948, Robbins had five Snowbird stores and Baskin had three Barton stores.


But with a seemingly successful business, entrepreneurs were faced with the task of how to make their enterprise profitable. “I’m damn lucky,” Robbins joked, “that I never studied accounting. Then I would have immediately realized that I was broke. And so it seemed to me that everything was going fine.”


The problem was that the shops required the personal presence of the owners, their vigilant attention, and both owners spent most of their time in the main office. Baskin and Robbins realized that the hired staff would never treat the business the way the owner did.


It was then that the idea struck them: what if the stores were sold to the managers? The owners will supply ice cream to the stores, and the managers who become the owners will take care of the income themselves. This is how the franchising system in the food industry was first put into practice. Baskin and Robbins began selling the rights to trade their ice cream across the country. Some time later, their example was followed by Ray Kroc, who was a former milkshake salesman at their firm. Ray Kroc used the franchise system and was hugely successful in the McDonald's empire, proliferating eateries all over the world.


Baskin and Robbins have now paid particular attention to expanding the ice cream range by increasing the number of aromas and flavors. The traditional and favorite flavors of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream were added with varieties with the taste of pumpkin pie, blueberry cheesecake and melon.


In 1953, the famous motto "31 fragrances" appeared - one new fragrance for each day of the month. At the same time, the name of the company was changed and it began to bear the now well-known name "Baskin-Robbins". Today the company owns the largest number of aroma additives, there are more than 500 of them. The owners change the range of aromas every month, but at the same time they are always open to innovations. The very best supplements were suggested by customers! In order to receive such offers, the firm pays for telephone calls and postage of its clients, offering new flavors for everyone's favorite ice cream.

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