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There are people about whom we can say that their goal is to take care of others and help everyone. This is true for Anne F. Beiler. In 1988 she organized a small production of pretzels AUNTIE ANNE'S in order to help her husband, Jonas Beiler, to arrange a free consultation for members of their community. Business grew, and after just 4 years, AUNTIE ANNE'S celebrated the opening of its 100 store. The main product of this family business were pretzels with various topping: cinnamon, almonds, raisins, onions, garlic, cheese and so on. In addition to pretzels in the menu of these small and always cozy restaurants there are always nuggets, sausages in the dough. Various sauces – caramel, cheese, icing, honey and cream-are served to the whole baking. And you can quench your thirst with the help of unusual drinks, which you will also find here. Lemonades, mixes and teas in different variations are always at your service.
For more than 30 years of its existence the company has grown and now its network exists all over the world. There are some restaurants in Britain, why the British Cuisine just won. Enjoy a Cup of a pleasant drink and a snack of fresh and tender pastries - do not deny yourself this innocent pleasure!
Auntie Anne’s was founded in 1988 by Anne, F. Beiler and her husband. It is considered to be an American franchised chain of pretzel shop.

In this chain you can order different kind of products, including pretzels, dips and beverages. It this company you can also have Pretzels and More Homemade Baking Mix.


The chain can be met in different spaces such as universities, airports, train stations and other places also. The company had an interesting slogan “Pretzel Perfect”.


Headquarter of the restaurant is in Atlana. This company's segment is a quick service but the restaurant's segment is LSR Dessert or Snack.

There are more than 1,200 locations only in United States.


In 2020 the company had more than $586 million sales. The company's CEO is Jim Holthouser.

Starting from 2015 the president of the company was Hearther Neary, and after his being the president he decided to make company's growth faster and decided to replace the brand from usual and traditional places like university campuses, urban centers or other different places with high foot traffic.


He launched the Pretzels to the People Program. That program had a dozens of food tracks which helped the company then. In May, 2021 the company Auntie Anne's opened the first drive-thru location in Texas. For that the chain co-branded with sister concept Jamba.


It is very important when people have certain information about the places where they often visit. And when that places have fascinating history like Auntie Anne's, it’s even more interesting, because when you know something about some places or things it becomes more enjoyable, especially when you are with some people or friends you can communicate and tell many interesting facts and make your conversations more and more saturated.


Nowadays it is very difficult to try unique pretzels in everywhere. But in this restaurant you can find very delicious and fascinating food which will definitely please you.

Now a little bit about Aunt Anne.


Aunt Anne was born in an Amis family. When she was 8th grade she quit the school, bescause she wanted to get married as her parents did.

In 1987 Anne Beiler, her husband and two daughters moved to Pennsylvania from Texas. At that time Anne Beiler had only $25 to her name. Anne Beiler was a 39 years old woman who had no life experience and insurance policies.

In 2005 the Beilers family started to build a business for community counseling.


It was not easy to build a business from the very little things. If you want to have something you will have, but you have to work hard to achieve something in your life.

The history of the Auntie Anne's restaurant is rather interesting and it makes the customer be more delighted and think about going there and exploring as more interesting facts as they can. This kind of restaurants have very interesting menu and the most valuable thing about their service and products is the products homemade appearance, taste and love.


Here all products are made with great love, care and responsibility. They try do their best to please each of the costumers and make them come back. And, of course, they can do it, because there are a lot of people who really adore the food which is made in the Auntie Anne's restaurant


So let us come into the conclusion and understand that every single note, information or fact about our surrounding makes us more reliant.

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